How to Withdraw from

How to Withdraw from

How to withdraw on website【PC】

Step 1: Log in to your account and go to "Wallet" - "Withdraw".

There are 2 alternative ways to access the withdrawal page:

① Go to "Wallet" - "Spot Account". Click on "Withdraw" in the top-right corner.

② In "Wallet" - "Spot Account", search the coin you want to withdraw and click on "Withdraw" at the end of its info bar.
How to Withdraw from
Step 2: Make sure that "To Address" is selected and XLM is selected as the coin. Choose your preferred chain. Fill in the address, Address description (optional), tag, amount, fund password, SMS code, email code, and TOTP/Gate authenticator code (if TOTP has been set up). Then click on "Submit request".

The balance of the coin to be withdrawn, the day withdrawal limit, 24-hour net withdrawal limit, and handling fee are displayed on this page.
How to Withdraw from
Step 3: After clicking on "Submit request", you will be asked to check all information and confirm the withdrawal.
How to Withdraw from
Step 4: You can track the withdrawal status in "Recent Withdrawals". Withdrawals that are being processed can still be canceled by the user.
How to Withdraw from

How to withdraw on【APP】

Step 1: Open mobile app and log in to your account. Go to "Wallet" and click on "Withdraw".

Alternatively, you can also go to "Spot Account". Search the coin you want to withdraw and then click on "Withdraw".
How to Withdraw from
Step 2: Select the coin to be withdrawn and your preferred chain. Fill in the recipient address, description of the address (optional), and withdrawal amount. Then click on "Withdraw to address".
How to Withdraw from
Step 3: Input your fund password, SMS verification code and Google/Gate authenticator code. Then confirm the withdrawal.
How to Withdraw from
Step 4: After the withdrawal is completed, click on the top-right ledger icon to view withdrawal details and status.
How to Withdraw from

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Funds not arriving

There are 3 key steps a blockchain transaction must go through: request - validation - funds arriving.

Request: if your withdrawal status says "Withdrawal completed" or "Block has been confirmed", it means the transaction has been processed by and is sent to blockchain network for validation.

Validation: Copy the TXID of the transaction and use it to track the transaction on a blockchain explorer.

Funds arriving: If blockchain says that the funds have not arrived, then you need to wait patiently for the network to validate the transaction. If it says the funds have arrived but you do not see any records of the funds arriving, please contact the recipient platform for assistance.

How to query the withdrawal progress on the blockchain explorer

Open website and go to "Coin List" under "More" on the top navigation bar. Search the coin you want to look up. Open its deion page and click on "Blockchain Explorer". Paste the TXID into the top-right search box.

Wrong withdrawal address

① If it is a wrong address that led to the withdrawal failure, the funds will be automatically returned, and the withdrawal record will be tagged as "Cancelled".

② If the withdrawal has been successfully conducted, the funds will be transferred to the recipients wallet. Due to the irreversibility of blockchain transactions, we cannot help you retrieve the funds once the transaction is finished. You need to contact the recipient for negotiation.

Common reasons for withdrawal failures

The following 4 reasons account for most withdrawal failures: ① Wrong address ② Wrong address length ③ User did not fill in a tag or a memo ④ Network delay

How to check: You can view the reason for transaction failure on the transaction detail page. Check if the address is pasted in its entirety if the coin is selected correctly, if there are unwanted symbols or spaces, and if the Mainnet and the Token Contract Address are supported or not.

If not for the reasons mentioned above, the funds will be returned to the senders account after the withdrawal fails. If the funds are still not returned after 24 hours, please submit a ticket or start a live chat with our customer service agents.

No KYC ID Verification

In order to comply with the regulations of the cryptocurrency industry, to ensure the safety of users funds, and to reduce risks, money laundering, blackmail and other illegal activities, requires all users to complete KYC ID Verification. Only after KYC ID Verification is completed, can certain operations including withdrawal can be carried out.

Recent fiat currency trading or merchant orders in fiat currency trading

① If there are merchant orders in your fiat currency trading, there must be a certain amount of asset margin preserved in your account. Please check if you have merchant orders.

② Currencies bought in fiat currency trading can only be withdrawn 24 hours after the purchase.

Account is under protection

After you make changes to security settings like KYC ID Verification, Google Authenticator, phone number, etc, you cannot withdraw funds within 24 hours after the change. Because your account enters a 24-hour protection period after a security setting is changed. If the protection period exceeds 24 hours, please contact customer service by submitting a ticket or starting a live chat.

Forgot to fill in a tag or a memo

When withdrawing currencies like XRP and EOS, users must fill in a tag or a memo. If the tag or memo is blank, the currencies may be withdrawn but will probably not arrive at the recipients address. In this case, the user must confirm the status of the transaction with the recipient platform.

The withdrawn currency is not supported by the recipient platform only confirms whether the address format is correct but cannot guarantee whether the recipient address supports the withdrawn currency. For solutions, you need to communicate with the recipient platform.

If the recipient platform agrees to return the funds back to your account, you can provide them with your deposit code. If they only agree to return the funds to the sender address, in which case the funds cannot be transferred directly to your account. Please contact the recipient platform to request the TXID of the transaction. Submit a ticket on and share with our agents the TXID, the communication record of you and the recipient platform, your account ID and your deposit code. Our agents will help you transfer the funds into your account.

If the recipient platform has other solutions which require our assistance, please submit a ticket or start a live chat with our customer service agents to inform us of the matter.
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